Rolf Hoffmann, Chief Financial Officer, Bayer South Asia

“Approximately a year ago we prepared for our relocation from Switzerland to India – a true contrast in potentially all aspects of living and working. As part of our preparation we had the true pleasure of a 2 day culture training session with Divya. Besides a general introduction to India and Mumbai (our new home for the next couple of years), Divya prepared a lot of individual sessions tailored to all aspects, like office, daily living, kids activities, etc.1200px-Logo_Bayer.svg All sessions were extremely well crafted and totally to the point.  A year down the road we realize and reflect back, how easy the entire transition has been thus far; as a complete family we clicked from the first day. Even after a year we are experiencing so many different situations which remind us of the session with Divya and enable us to understand and appreciate the great diversity of the country. Especially the concept of “Jugaad” you see every day or the religious variety and the different festivals. Living right in the middle of Mumbai, you see all of that in front of your house. Given the context we learned during the culture training, it is much more enjoyable as you understand the background and context.

On my work front, we talked a lot about the high relevance and importance of attending speaker events and representing the company in industry associations. That was a good recommendation, as high-level professional relationships are vastly built in those events.

We have done a couple of intercultural trainings in the past for our various moves, but the sessions with Divya have been by far, by far the best, most impactful and relevant ones. Thank you very much, Divya”

Soumya Basavaraj, Learning and Development Manager  (ex.), Mercedes Benz Research and Development India

925607046s“Divya’s sound knowledge in the area of inter-culturality and her impactful persona, make for an excellent and effective inter-cultural trainer. Her attention to detail and thorough professionalism are an asset. I highly recommend her work in the field of cross-cultural sensitization. Divya would also be an apt choice for culture and integration coaching for senior management professionals and expatriates.”

Prateek Khare, Head – Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Swissnex India (Consulate General of Switzerland)

unnamed“Divya has delivered interactive business culture workshops to several groups of researchers, scientists, innovators and seasoned entrepreneurs from very heterogeneous nationalities, during my weeklong startup CAMPs. She skilfully inspires her attendees, from all ages and cultural backgrounds, to raise critical questions, encourages them to introspect and think laterally through her strategic as well as spontaneous methods of organising the workshops. I find Divya’s work to be of very high quality, specially since she spends quality time on reviewing the backgrounds of her audiences and tailors the delivery appropriately.”

Luuk Brower, The Netherlands (Project Manager in India)

“Thanks again for all the great coaching and support throughout the last 6 months. You were able to impact me with the right words on the right time. This definitely helped me to get the most out of this learning experience. I hope to have the opportunity to work with you in the future!”

Umberto Pellegri, Italy (Senior Executive in India)

“Divya is my Intercultural Trainer for this assignment I have in India and I already spent very valuable time with her. She was able to go through the Indian culture both in work relationships and also on the social relationships. She was able to show me with a very professional approach the things we have in common and the things where Italians and Indians are different. She gave me a lot of hints on how to handle difficult situations and very important advices on how to smoothen my behaviour in order to better fit into an Indian organization. One great learning for me was the portion regarding the cultural shock and she was very good in giving me advices on how to handle eventual crisis. Last but not least Divya has a great birthright, she is able to get you immediately relaxed and full of enthusiasm towards this intercultural experience.”

Sandeep Venkhat, India (Executive in The United States)

“Intercultural training program which provides clear understanding of the differences between cultures. It is very helpful program which would allow people to view things from a different perspective. Ms. Divya Varkey who was the trainer is quite knowledgeable in this area and wonderful as a person. She is personable and professional. This training is interesting and helpful because Divya makes it a interact-able session instead of just any other regular training. I will recommend this training for people who are relocating to different countries, but also for those who would be interested in understanding cultural differences. Anyone, can consider taking up this training not just for knowledge purpose but also would benefit during interactions with overseas counterparts. Definitely, it will help to atleast make others aware of such subtle differences and interpretations. Some of the distinct features in our own culture and how it is seen by other countries will give clear understanding of their significance and difference. Hope this review encourages people to consider this training and get benefit to handle difficult scenarios. It is worth the time and money.”

John Keay, The United States (Traveller to India)


“I appreciate the class you held for us — it was good! You mentioned something during the session that struck me. When I asked what to do about being a different skin color than the population I would be visiting, your advice was good, although a bit scary. You said to ‘enjoy it’. I was in India for 2 months and tried every day to enjoy being a foreigner. It was fun most days. People were extra nice to me and would go out of their way to say hello and to chit chat. Other days, the constant stares I would receive in public would drive me almost bonkers. I think the cultural training I received through you better armed me to expect being ‘other’ while traveling to India. Although, knowing something is different than walking it out!  We also talked about the power difference between authority figures and ‘everyone else’. It was good to hear how power is distributed in a country like India so when my boss would tell me to do something, I wouldn’t talk back or ask ‘why’ all the time. I would just do it! Different than my normal practices here in the US but I found going with the flow made my time a lot more enjoyable.”

Sharon and Antonia, Germany (Student Visitors in Japan)

“The Intercultural training preparation was very useful. The fact alone that we had a simple conversation made us realise that we were about to start our new Japan adventure. We felt well prepared after our Skype call because it brought a lot of things back to our mind and we also found out a few new things about the Japanese culture we weren’t aware of before. Thank you a lot again 🙂 We are really enjoying the time here in Tokyo.”

Other feedback (AIT Camp participants at Swissnex, Bangalore)

“Interesting facts and slides, but discussions were much more helpful than just slides.”

“Nice and interesting session. It gave me an insight into the inter cultural aspects while working together though I feel there may be exceptions in this era of tremendous interaction and communication possibilities among people of different origins and countries.”

“Refreshing and enjoyable session on culture. Interesting framework with many stories and discussions around it.”

“Overall nice experience! Great speaker and engaging activities. More case studies would be good addition.”

“Refreshing ideas, very thought provoking and a very efficient  session (more knowledge in short time)”

“Enjoyed the session, especially the games and role plays… Excellent examples to bring out subtle differences..”

“Very professionally conducted. We would have liked more activities or case studies for the 6 dimensions as the terminology is not so easy to remember.”

“Good Systematic and methodological approach.”


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