CrossOver Team

Advocating understanding and fostering cooperation amongst multicultural work teams


A multicultural team can work wonders due to the sheer creativity offered by different minds and perspectives. While everything is smooth sailing, it can bring out the best in the team, but it is during high-stress situations that matters can quickly go the opposite way. Team building events have been utilised time and again for effective functioning of teams. However, they fail to address the core of the problem – cultural differences that exist amongst individuals as a result of their socialisation process.

Our one-two days workshop combines team building activities with opening minds to cultural differences, leaving participants with tools to foresee and navigate the critical incidents that might jeopardise a project.

CrossOver Student

Enabling successful student exchange, internship and volunteering experiences through cultural preparation


With international exposure becoming a prerequisite for universities around the globe, we see an increasing number of students venturing out of their comfort zones to do projects or internships in other countries. While the logistics of organising the project may be complicated enough, what is often overlooked is the Intercultural competency of the student while at the host country. What may start off as an enriching, eye-opening experience can quickly turn confusing and problematic, if adequate resources are not provided for the student in question.

Our workshops for students interested in Intercultural learning are held in an extremely dynamic, interactive setting that will help the individuals understand their own cultural predispositions, as well as open their mind to face starkly different value systems.

For students in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, we also offer Skype training sessions (one-on-one and group).

CrossOver Expats

Expatriate training to address culture shock and provide better understanding of the host country


Moving to another country can be extremely nerve-wrecking, especially when family is involved. While relocation agencies may take care of the logistics of your move and offer you an insight into the culture you are getting into, it is often, within a couple of months of being in the host country that the reality of the situation hits you. Cross-cultural preparation works best when you have a follow up session after you have relocated, within a month or two of the move. At this point, while you may not be in the extremes of a culture-shock, it is most likely that something is starting to get to you. The honeymoon phase is over and there are some aspects that you find uncomfortable.

Seeking support at this time can be extremely helpful. We conduct sessions for expatriates settling in, both in the privacy of their homes or in groups. The sessions address specific problems faced by the expatriates and possible solutions to these problems. We also provide a useful SOS helpline for participants to call in at any time for advice!


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