CrossOver Team

Fostering cooperation amongst multicultural work teams

Workshop for a multinational company in Abu Dhabi, UAE

“I don’t know why my Dutch manager does not do his job…what exactly is his role?” – Indian employee about his Dutch manager

“I can’t understand why my Indian colleague does not take the initiative and get the job done! Why does he wait for my directions all the time?” – Dutch manager about Indian subordinate

Cultural differences are often in the way of effective management, communication, trust-building and team-work. Our one or two days workshops combine team building activities with a theoretical framework with the intention of opening minds to cultural differences and leaving participants with tools to foresee and navigate the critical incidents that might jeopardise a project.

CrossOver Expat

Expatriate trainings to address culture shock and provide better understanding of the host country

“Can I walk around safely as a single woman?” – American expatriate in India

“Why do the teachers not take control of their class in a better way?” – Indian expatriate in the Netherlands

Expatriation can be an adventurous but nerve-wrecking experience. Regardless of our personal situation, we all go through our Culture Shock curves and it’s best to be prepared with what to expect before we embark on our journey. Our expatriate training and coaching programs are designed to prepare expatriates on various aspects of the move including understanding the host culture, implications at work and everyday living in the new country.

CrossOver Student

Enabling successful student exchange, internship and volunteering experiences through cultural preparation

“I don’t think I can rely on my colleagues here for support. They keep to themselves.” – Indian student in the United States

“I know already that I cannot trust people here.” – German student in Japan

With international exposure becoming a prerequisite for universities around the globe, we see an increasing number of students venturing out of their comfort zones to do projects or internships in other countries. While the logistics of organising the project may be complicated enough, what is often overlooked is the Intercultural competency of the student while at the host country. What may start off as an enriching, eye-opening experience can quickly turn confusing and problematic, if adequate resources are not provided for the student in question.

Student trainings are done in an extremely dynamic setting, either Face2Face or online and can be customised according to the time available.

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