Experts Who Help Us

Latin America, Southern Europe, Middle East and the United States

IMG_0250David Griso is a certified Intercultural Communications Practitioner with Itim International, Helsinki, besides holding a Masters Degree in Forestry and Environmental Engineering. Born Spanish, but as global as one can get, David has lived and travelled in 32 different countries and speaks five different languages including Spanish, English, French, German and Mandarin. He is currently learning Arabic and Hindi. His intercultural experiences and learnings include those attained first-hand living in Alaska, Seattle, Peru, Colombia, Austria, Spain and the UAE and doing projects in Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Malaysia, Nicaragua, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh. David has experience training large audiences and multicultural teams in various countries. A critical mind and an encyclopaedic information source, David brings his fascinating experiences to the table while training participants. Like a true interculturalist, David has a special ability to transcend cultural borders and connect with people.

Germany, The Netherlands, Russia, Australia, The United States and Japan

unnamedBrigitte Opel was born and raised in Germany. She studied and worked in the US, Japan, Russia, Australia and various countries in Europe before settling in the Netherlands. In all these places, she studied cultures first hand and experienced the differences. At the Thunderbird School of International Management (USA/Japan), she learned about cultural patterns and their impact on doing business in the global marketplace. She worked with IBM in Germany and the Netherlands in international project teams for 17 years. Now Brigitte uses her international experience, in combination with the Hofstede model and the Itim International expertise to help others to understand the differences in cultures work and how to generate synergies from these differences.


Marcella Ender has many years of experience in international trade and general administration management in the finance and banking fields. Her scholar background is in Political Sciences and Economics. Equipped with good decision-making skills, she applies a logical, analytical and critical approach towards different elaborated issues. She is easily oriented towards problem solving and has good capacity in organizing new projects. She loves to learn for the pleasure of learning. She hence, feels at ease in international professional and dynamic environments and often focuses on new cultures, habits, different customs, usages and ways of life.

Poland, Eastern Europe

Katarzyna Grzesik-Harz is of Polish origin. She has double masters’ degrees in Picture1Intercultural Communication and in European Studies: European Law, Economics and Culture. She speaks Polish, German, English and French, and thanks to her Slavic origin, she feels culturally close to people from Eastern European countries and has a good basic knowledge of Slavic languages. Katarzyna worked for 13 years in Germany as an IT Consultant and a Project Manager for different corporations and middle-size companies in the telecommunications, consumer goods and multi-utility sector. For the last couple of years, she has been living in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. After arriving there, she turned into practice her passion for other cultures and graduated from the Master in Intercultural Communication program at the University of Lugano. She strongly believes that cultural diversity enriches every society and that cultural awareness is the necessary base – not only for mutual respect and successful immersion in a new culture – but also as personal development for everyone. Based on her project management experience, she helps to face the challenge in leading multicultural teams by making visible the complementary cultural skills of the members in order to achieve the best synergy effects.

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